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About the Home Stay Tour is organized in 8 beautiful valleys of Bhutan, Paro Haa Thimphu Punakha Bumthang Lhuntse Trashigang and Phongme, Valleys. Meeting interesting Bhutanese local people and taking short hikes through fields of seasonal crops, hand picking local available fresh fruits, tasting particular family’s special local dishes, clicking pictures, joining the family for meals will give you wonderful experiences.

Methods of growing differ greatly in different localities, but in most Asian countries like Bhutan, the traditional hand methods of cultivating and harvesting rice are still practiced. The fields are prepared by plowing (typically with simple plows drawn by water buffalo), fertilizing (usually with dung or sewage), and smoothing (by dragging a log over them). The seedlings are started in seedling beds and, after 30 to 50 days, are transplanted by hand to the fields, which have been flooded by rain or river water. During the growing season, irrigation is maintained by dike-controlled canals or by hand watering. The fields are allowed to drain before cutting.

Rice when it is still covered by the brown hull is known as paddy; rice fields are also called paddy fields or rice paddies. Before marketing, the rice is threshed to loosen the hulls-mainly by flailing, treading, or working in a mortar-and winnowed free of chaff by tossing it in the air above a sheet or mat.

Harvesting and Threshed Season: October and November

Collection of firewood: Usually in winter Season.

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