Buddha Statue

  1. Constructed began – 2007
  2. Founder – His Eminent Lam Tshering Wangdi from Eastern Bhutan, Mongar.
  3. Statue height – 169 ft.
  4. Building height – 201 ft.
  5. This statue is one of the largest statue in Bhutan, from this point we can view beautiful scene of the Capital City(Thimphu)
  6. In total there are 5 building, one museum, two temples and two building
  7. There will be 1,00,000 Buddha statue on the top of the temple
  8. The main sponsor are from Singapore(Mr. Peter), Mr. Dainee Wong from Hongkong) and Miss Merher from Singapore and also we have small sponsor from different countries.
  9. Entry is free of tax
  10. Government support- Roads Construction, Water Supply and Electricity