Pakaling Lhakhang

The Lhakhang was built in the year 1966 by Khaling Lam Kuenzang (He is from Radhi Pakaling). Temple is located below Khardung. The main relic in the temple are:

  1. Statue of Lhasa Joe
  2. Chenrig-Zee
  3. Guru Tshen Gha
  4. Kuenkhen Ramjam
  5. Chu-Chi Zhel(11 Heads)

Every year on the 24-26 day of the 10th Month of Bhutanese calendar , the people of Radhi Pakaling village celebrate the festival. The main mask dances in the festival are:

Day 1: Shing-je pho/Mo, Chung Cham( Dance of Garuda), Ju-Ging Cham, Dhur-dag,

Dril Ging, Nga-ging and pa-cham ( Dance of heroes)

Day 2: unfold of Rigzen Zebang Thongdrel at 6.00AM, Sha-Zam cham, Chung Cham,

Drametse Nga Cham, Pho-le and Mo-le, Nga-ging and Pa-Cham

Day 3 : Shing-je Pho/Mo, Sha zam Cham, Chung Cham, Zhana Cham, Raksha Langhu Cham, Lha Karpo/ Dre-Narkpo, Dik chen.