Tokshing Shingpang Ngo-Tshor Festival

The Lhakhang was built in the year 1939 by Tempa Kuenzang and later renovated by the people of 3 villages in the year 1987. It is located above Khardung.The main relic inside the lhakhang are the statue of :

Guru Moenlha
Goenpo Lodrup
Chu-Chi Zhel
Ma-chik Lkapdroe
Droelkar Dorji Selpa

Every year on the 9th-11th day of the 8th Months of the Bhutanese calendar, the people of 3 villages celebrate the festival. The mask dance performed in the lhakhang are as follows:

Day 1 : Chung Cham (Dance of Garuda), Ju-Ging Cham, Dhur-dag, Dril Ging, Nga-ging and Pa-Cham (Dance of heroes)

Day 2 : Shing-je Pho/Mo, Phak-Cham, Sha-Zam Cham, Chung Cham, Dramgmetse Nga Cham, Pho-le and Mo-le, Nga-ging and Pa-Cham

Day 3 : Shing-je Pho/Mo, Sha-zam Cham, Chung Cham, Zhanag Cham, Raksha Langhu Cham, Lha Karpo/Dre-Narkpo, Dikchen.